Why Does SEO Take So Long?

Why Does SEO Take So Long?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is commonly referred to in the digital marketing industry as “SEO”. SEO is an online marketing strategy that helps search engines (specifically, Google) deliver relevant content to their users.

Codependent on the relevance of the information to the wording in the Google url, website content is what SEO strategy leans on so as to help connect website visitors with the information that they entered to search for website content when they came to Google to satiate their own need to know something.

Google’s algorithm populates the most commonly used websites first because website visitors are most often pleased with the content that they find when they go there. Search term relevance makes those websites optimized or search engines. Google’s algorithm favors websites that please their visitors with relevant content.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is optimizing a website for Google’s search engine. It is the practice of improving the ranking of a website in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). Technical SEO includes on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and technical aspects of website development.

Technical SEO is essential because it helps Google understand what a website is about and how it can be helpful to users. When done correctly (by implementing what Google suggests), Technical SEO can help enhance a website’s visibility in SERPs, leading to more traffic and conversions.

Many factors contribute to Technical SEO, such as site structure, URL structure, page speed, mobile friendliness, and more. To ensure that your website is optimized for Google’s search engine, it is essential to work with an experienced Technical SEO specialist.

SEO Results

If you want SEO results from investing in SEO content for Google, you’ll have to wait some time for the algorithms to sync with the link building efforts that you purchased when you decided to invest in SEO. Link building helps support websites with relevant content elsewhere on the internet by providing more opportunities for website users to link to the website that has been chosen for SEO.

In short, supportive links mean that there are bundles of content with your website’s keywords embedded so as to support and link out to the website you are intentionally building leads toward. The relationship between supportive SEO content and your website is not always linear, rather, SEO content is about getting creative with word juxtaposition.

When you begin your SEO efforts, you may not notice too many changes in your website traffic at first. SEO success takes some time so as to develop traffic on the links that will point to your website. Results from SEO efforts are best observed after six months to a year of SEO link building.

If you are looking for a quick result to help your website, search engine optimization or SEO might not be the best option. The most important thing for business owners to remember is that with SEO, content is king. Double check that your website contains plenty of SEO keywords and relevant SEO content.

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Keyword Research For SEO

Keyword research for SEO is important because it will help you understand the search terms that your potential website visitors will type into their own computers when looking for whatever service, product, or information that your website provides.

To understand SEO, it might help to imagine your ideal website visitor. Build an avatar for them. How old are they? What do they do for a living? What are their behavior patterns? Now imagine that avatar or person sits down and pulls up a search engine. What will they enter as a search term? Those keywords should be plentiful on your website as an SEO strategy.‍

The best idea for business owners who have an interest in SEO is to focus on that they are the SEO experts on their own websites. If you provide SEO relevant content often, you should not have to worry too much about SEO strategy. Ideally, the language you use and write on your website will naturally synchronize with the entered Google terms.

To do a little SEO on your own, you can double check your content by running through a few SEO avatar scenarios. As long as your website answers questions and provides what your website visitor is looking for, Google will favor your links with organic traffic. SEO services will do keyword research for you. You could rewrite your current website with new keywords to do some SEO on your own or you might think about helping your presence on Google by investing in experts to support your website’s SEO with fresh ideas.

Google SEO Strategy

Google provides organic traffic by populating a list of Google websites from most popular and relevant to least popular and relevant. Because many have invested in SEO as a marketing strategy, the first few pages of resources have most likely paid with SEO to come up on the first few pages of Google resources.

Other website pages that are likely to come up on the first few result lists (that Google or any other search engine provides)have proven to deliver results, hold website visitors with interesting content and/or have sold users what they want over time, consistently.

If the website gives what the website visitor wants, it is relevant; the content successfully converts visitors to customers and/or satisfied them with content and that is why Google has served it as one of the first to come up as a result. This search and find function is the foundation of Google’s promise to all of us as internet users to provide quality content.


Search engines favor quality content. New content will provide healthy search results and SEO success. Providing fresh content for SEO will help keep your business on par with current online marketing strategies. Utilizing new resources, staying on top of keyword and hashtag trends, and optimizing your social media platforms specific to your industry are also good SEO ideas. Your website and your supporting website content is important to any SEO campaign that is written to help increase traffic.‍

To supplement your website and help your SEO rankings on search engines, you might consider starting with local SEO. This will help with geo targeted rankings so that you become relevant to the people who are using Google near you.

For instance, if you own a pizza shop and you utilize local SEO so that people in your neighborhood find you, Google will favor your efforts because people in your area most likely want a pizza shop that is close to home so that their food will remain hot upon pick up or delivery.‍

Black hat SEO is a tactic that will provide quick results but not long lasting or good results. Black hat strategies are used to trick or manipulate people so as to get a quick redirect to your website. They are not relevant website visitors and most likely will create a high bounce rate so it is not recommended to use these dishonest strategies.

You could think of this method of hiding links or misdirecting people as a scam to get quick results for uneducated investors who insist on ‘fast results’. SEO takes time to work effectively so these tactics merely provide clicks that are inevitably irrelevant.

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Results and Time

The SEO process takes time to deliver SEO profits. This is because SEO results come from time. Over time, people search through the world wide web and use their hand held devices to look for what they want online.

Search engine rankings take time because people take time. Every day, trillions of people use the internet to look for what they want and need. The time required for people to look online is why SEO is really about a waiting game.

Your SEO campaign should support your brand mission and provide Google with a snapshot of fresh content that supports your ideals so as to synchronize your efforts with people who share a mutually beneficial connection.

Again, SEO takes awhile to provide a return on investment for a few reasons. It takes time to generate quality supporting content and that content requires time for composition so as to be digested by website visitors. Supporting SEO content must be engaging enough so as to invite a follow through to click out to the website that has been optimized with SEO efforts. People use the internet every day; thus, the passage of time is a key component to delivering results.

Results can not be provided without a scale to measure results. Time is the scale upon which SEO is measured. When you invest in SEO as a strategy to market your website, you are investing in people’s behavior patterns, their cognitive searching processes, your own content, supportive SEO content and the time that it takes to read those patterns so as to tweak your SEO as needed for a return on investment.

Your SEO specialist will analyze the data return, do more research over the passage of time and sculpt new content so as to create a presence online with intention and care. These efforts that you invest in provide a healthy algorithm of new and returning website visitors for you.

SEO takes a long time. With a solid review of your current website and your own team effort to keep current information available for your website visitors, you can reap the benefits that time and attention from SEO provide.

When communicating with an SEO specialist, make sure that you discuss different lengths of time for your project. You might set short term goals over a year and plan for long term goals for five years. In this way, you will see how people and time work together to create movement in numbers for your website.


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