Interested In Hiring Freelancers? Here’s What You Should Know

If you’re a business operator looking for flexible ways to grow your team, you might consider bringing freelancers onboard. These contract workers can contribute to your company’s success, particularly if you take the time to research hiring and management practices. The following information can help you find and manage freelancers effectively.

Understanding The Advantages of Working With Freelancers

Understanding The various advantages of hiring freelancers can help clarify your staffing goals and make more informed hiring decisions. Freelancers are often more affordable than standard employees because you do not have to provide the same benefits associated with full-time employment. Furthermore, these workers may offer specialized expertise that your company doesn’t need on a full-time basis. Finally, freelancers are especially suited to project-based assignments and can be useful if the business needs flexible labor temporarily.

Identifying Projects That Are Ideal for Freelance Teams

Some tasks and assignments are more appropriate for contract work than others. The following projects are considered suitable for freelancers:

  • Administrative assignments
  • Tutoring and training
  • Web development
  • Marketing and advertising

In general, specialized tasks with clear deadlines that workers can do relatively independently are well-suited for freelance teams.

Combining Remote and Freelance Workers

A recent survey shows both remote work and freelancing are on the rise, and 68% of remote staffers are interested in freelance employment. Working from home can improve job satisfaction, particularly once workers have a proper home office setup. As a business operator, hiring remotely allows you to access a wide variety of talent, as your team is no longer limited by geography.

Finding Freelance Workers Online

Online job boards have made it easier for employers to find contract workers. For example, Upwork is a job platform that provides helpful information regarding workers’ level of experience, years of activity, pay rates, and work samples. Using Upwork, you can vet prospects before you hire them.

You Can also find job boards that enable you to hire contract workers from other countries. For instance, if you want to hire freelancers from the Philippines, you can find skilled candidates at Workana, many charging $10-$20 per hour. Philippine freelancers can bring language skills, cultural competency, and diverse viewpoints to your business.

When paying workers who live in the Philippines, you might want to use a low-fee money transfer service such as Remitly, which allows you to compensate your international team while avoiding excess costs.

Managing And Communicating With Freelancers

Once You find and hire freelance workers, you should develop methods to manage and communicate with your team. Investing in training and providing constructive feedback can help your team expand their skill set. Make an effort to demonstrate that any freelancers you hire are an integral part of the company so that you can enhance engagement and promote a sense of belonging.

Communicating with a large, global team can be a challenge. If you have freelancers on a project involving multiple teams and lots of documentation, you should look into technology solutions that help your company to stay organized. For example, a PDF merging tool can help you keep track of many documents at once and make it easier to reposition pages in the appropriate order.

While there are many advantages to working with a freelance team, there are also complications that can arise. Understanding the nuances of managing and hiring freelance workers can help your business succeed. See if RAD SEO is a good fit. Book a consult now.

Hiring Freelancers

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